Build a sustainable universal health care system by collaborating with our stakeholders and create solutions that integrate with our data-centric business delivery model.

Tony Curcio, founder

Features(For Developers)

About our HealthPortal Ecosystem.
Platform Independent.

You write the app on any platform you desire.

Modular level data access.

Only access the data you need. Write applications that access documents or scheduling. Write complete EMRs but use our framework for data management.

Make money contributing to a health app ecosystem.

Sell your apps on app stores but use our framework to manage your patients, clinicians, or other health care providers.

Developer friendly OpenAPI.

A data exchange platform supporting JSON that is geared towards writing applications efficiently.

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As a Patient.

You decide who, how, and when your data can be accessed.
You have complete control of your data.

As a patient, you will have access to a large collection of applications meant specifically for you. Use these applications to schedule an appointment with your doctor, find a clinic that supports our system, and even manage who is able to see your data. Because our health portal is platform independent, you can download and install these applications on any platform you choose. You can even work with our team to design an application that you feel will help decrease health care delivery inefficiencies. You get paid for it too!!

  • Data encrypted at rest.

    All of your data is encrypted.

  • You control who sees your data.

    Grant access to family, physicians.

  • You control which app can access your data.

    You manage each application.

  • Have access to all patient applications

    Every patient application is available to you.

Our team

Great people doing great things.
Tony Curcio
Software Architect
Serial entrepreneur, lifelong student with a passion for public health and epidemiology.
Jevon Liburd
Lead Developer
Graduate of Western University with a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering and Honours Business Administration. His experience includes website design, database design, and application development using various Microsoft technologies.
Rodolfo Martinez
Business Relationship Manager.
Dr. Olha Buchel
Data analysis and visualization.
Carmen Reis

Supported Applications.

Cloud based applications supported by our health portal.

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